About Me

My name is Jane Jones. I’m 31 years old and live in Cockenzie, East Lothian with my husband and 4 rescued sighthounds – 3 greyhounds and a podenco.

In 2009 I established Let The Dogs Out, originally providing a top notch dog walking service for dogs across much of Edinburgh and the Lothians. Over the years this service has evolved to fit the changing needs of my clients and my own experience. Nowadays Let The Dogs Out provides day care and home boarding tailored specifically to the needs of greyhounds and other sighthound breeds.

my own dogs: Dennis, Sandy, Gizzy & Molly

Experience with dogs

From a young age I have been involved in caring for both my own and others’ animals. I am passionate about dogs in general, but have a big soft spot for sighthounds in particular. I have a lot of experience working with greyhounds and lurchers, and a thorough knowledge and understanding of sighthound traits and behaviour (the good, the bad and the ugly!).

Prior to setting up Let The Dogs Out, I spent a year regularly walking dogs on a voluntary basis for a local sighthound rehoming charity, learning how to handle dogs who may be anxious or poorly socialised, dogs who may have injuries or disabilities, and dogs who may have strong prey drives or high levels of aggression.

Over the years I have fostered many dogs most recently for Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, in order to help  assess and prepare them for rehoming. I am a former member of SGS’s Homing Team, where I helped to assess the suitability of potential adopters and prepared them for what to expect from their newly adopted sighthound, as well as matched dogs to the best possible forever homes for their individual circumstances.

with SGS foster dog Poppy

Qualifications & professional affiliations

I am fully insured by Pet Business Insurance and meet the criteria required by East Lothian Council for Approved User status for Professional Dog Walking Companies.

Having attended a general Dog First Aid Training course run by Animal Aiders in March 2009, I am competent in basic canine first aid (please click here to see my certificate). More recently, in 2012 I attended (and organised) a Greyhound First Aid evening at Links Veterinary Group, geared specifically towards the type of illnesses and injuries which sighthounds are prone to. So any dog that should become unwell or injured whilst in my care is in safe hands.

My Psychology degree has fostered a life long interest in animal behaviour and I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. I have been lucky enough to attend some fascinating dog behaviour seminars and training workshops held by international experts, Sarah WhiteheadDavid Ryan, and Jim GreenwoodRecently I was introduced to Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) by Lisa Hird, which I now practice with my own dogs, and see a big future for in dealing with the behavioural challenges inherent in sighthound rescue. To this end I was responsible for organising a Canine Behaviour Evening for SGS volunteers in conjunction with the Dog Behaviour Clinic in May 2013.

I am a former member of the Dog Aid Society of Scotland volunteer committee and my late greyhound Max and I were Therapet volunteers for Canine Concern Scotland TrustThis is something which I hope to do again with one of my current dogs.

Max and I

Trust me, I’m a doctor!

I am both reliable and responsible. The years I spent employed in the Medical Profession along with the various other caring roles which I have undertaken, both voluntary and paid, are testament to my trustworthiness and integrity. I have also obtained a valid Disclosure Scotland certificate, which can be seen here.

When I’m not dog sitting…

When I’m not looking after dogs, you’re unlikely to find me relaxing on the sofa as my own dogs tend to get there first! I am very creative, and find designing & printing onto fabrics a great way to relax. Inspired by greyhound rescue, I make and sell my handmade products as well as keep a blog on the subject over on my other website, Max and Molly Designs.

On Saturdays I work in Just Dogs Shop in Edinburgh, where I enjoy meeting customers and their dogs, helping them select from the wide range of practical products which are stocked, and providing them with comprehensive and friendly advice on a wide range of doggy issues.

My husband and I enjoy hillwalking with our dogs (yes, greyhounds can do long walks!) and I partake in agility with my dogs Molly and Gizzy, and canisports with Sandy, Dennis and Gizzy.

canicross with Dennis, Sandy & Gizzy

Curriculum Vitae

A copy of my full CV is available on request.

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