Day Care / Boarding

The basics

I provide day care and a 24 hour home boarding service for your dog(s) in my own home in Cockenzie. You drop off  and collect your dog(s) at prearranged times that fit in with your own work, leisure or holiday schedule. Your dog spends their stay in the company of me and my own dogs, with access to my secure back garden, lots of individual attention and all the home comforts my lot are used to: comfy sofas/beds to lie on, lots of cuddles and playtime, treats & toys, grooming etc. I provide at least 1 long (~1 hour) walk each day (this can be flexible depending on what level of exercise your hound is used to), and maintain your dog’s usual feeding and sleeping routine.

greyhound Danny & podenco Gizzy


Living with 4 sighthounds, I like to think that our house and the items within it are well and truly ‘hound proofed’, and the garden is secured by a 6 foot high fence. I have lots of suitable bedding which your dog can use (and comfy sofas as well!), though sometimes dogs prefer to bring their own bed with them and that’s fine too. Your dog will have constant access to fresh drinking water and frequent opportunities to toilet outside. You will be responsible for providing food for your dog, along with instructions about how they are usually fed. The same applies with any regular medications your dog is on. Your dog will never be left for more than a few hours a day, and rarely that.

In general I will not look after more than four dogs at a time, and take a great deal of care to ensure dogs cared for together are comfortable in each other’s company. All dogs must be house trained to a reasonable level, though I do of course understand that accidents happen now and then. They should also be able to walk sensibly on a lead (a harness or head collar can be used if helpful/appropriate), and be able to be left for a period of a few hours when strictly necessary (e.g. whilst other dogs in the household are being walked). I do not board bitches in heat, and recommend that all adult dogs be neutered unless there is a particular reason why not.

I am a competent canine first aider and will always have first aid supplies to hand at my house. I am covered by an insurance policy for Public Liability & Third Party Risks up to £2 million any one claim, including cover for pets in my care up to £5000. However, it is still advisable that you provide Pet Insurance for your own dogs. After all, we know how injury prone those sighthounds can be!

I ask that you ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, and will require to see proof of this at our initial meeting. This is for the protection of both your  own dog and others who are in my care. I also advise that clients provide their dogs with regular flea and worm treatments, as well as kennel cough vaccination, to prevent any spread of disease amongst the dogs in my care. 

a lovely summer evening walk at New Winton

The benefits

It is only in relatively recent times that it has become commonplace for dogs to be left unattended for prolonged periods whilst their owners go out to work long hours. Since first domesticated, dogs have thrived on human company and are overwhelmingly motivated to be with people, so it is not surprising that many become unhappy and stressed when left by themselves. Indeed many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone, leading to destructive and self-injurious behaviour.

Boarding kennels can be a very stressful environment for a dog – the sight, sound and smell of many other dogs who are often stressed themselves, combined with prolonged periods without human company are a recipe for physical and psychological deterioration. Home boarding is a much kinder alternative for many dogs, minimising any stress they experience due to your absence. My own dogs are always so welcoming to our boarders and quickly make them feel at home.

By caring for dogs in my own home, I strive to give them the freedom, human interaction and individual attention that they are accustomed to in their everyday lives, & return your dog to you in a happy, healthy state.

Christmas 2012: happiness is hounderful!

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