23 April ’14


As of August, Let The Dogs Out will no longer be providing daycare or home boarding services. I will be devoting more time to developing my other wee business Max and Molly Designs, working in Just Dogs Shop, & (last but not least!) spending more quality time with my husband & our own dogs.

This will not affect any dogs that are already booked in to stay with us for boarding between now & August, but unfortunately will mean I can’t have them back to stay thereafter. (All our regular daycare & home boarding clients have been contacted directly to make them aware.)

Please get in touch if you would like me to provide details of trusted alternative services I can recommend to look after your sighthounds.

Please note we are full up with bookings between now & August & are not taking on any new clients.

April 23rd, 2014

Introducing Let The Dogs Out

Let The Dogs Out offers a high quality day care & home boarding service in Cockenzie, East Lothian tailored specifically to the needs of greyhounds and other sighthounds.

Day care

a service for those living or working in East Lothian, providing a home environment in which your hound can rest and play all day in the company of other sighthounds, on a regular or occasional basis, including walks and plenty of cuddles

Home boarding

a much kinder alternative to boarding kennels, where your hound can relax and enjoy home comforts, individual attention and the company of their own kind whilst you are away for anything upwards of one night, including walks and plenty of cuddles

For more information about the services provided please click on Day Care / Boarding.

Please scroll down for news and updates.

November 29th, 2011

18 June ’13

Molly, Sandy, Dennis & Gizzy invite their sighthound pals for a walk along the coast from Cockenzie Harbour to the beach at Seton Sands & back as part of this year’s Great British Greyhound Walk, taking place UK wide at 10am on Sunday 23rd June.

This fun annual event brings greyhound lovers & their hounds together & raises awareness of what wonderful pets these dogs make. Our walk will be dedicated to the memory of my beloved greyhound Max, who was the perfect ambassador for greyhounds as pets & sadly no longer walks with us here on earth. xx

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11 Jan ’13

Over the years Let The Dogs Out has evolved to fit both the changing needs of my clients and my own experience. With years of experience working with, rehabilitating and learning from sighthound breeds, I feel I am ideally positioned to understand and cater for the personality & behavioural traits these dogs tend to share. To that end, Let The Dogs Out will now provide day care & home boarding services tailored specifically to the needs of greyhounds and other sighthounds exclusively.

The future is sighthound-shaped!

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24 Dec ’12

This Christmas we are joined by Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary foster dog Becky, as well as boarders Cali, Fonzie & Danny.

The hounds & I would like to wish all our clients a very happy Christmas! We will be announcing exciting changes to our service in 2012…

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15 June ’12

East Lothian Council Dog Watch

Earlier this year East Lothian council launched a voluntary ‘approved user’ accreditation scheme for professional dog walking companies. I’m pleased to say that Let The Dogs Out meets all the criteria required & has been granted approved user status by the council.

East Lothian Dog Watch approved user certificate

Day care spaces

We currently have day care spaces available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. This is a flexible service so your dog(s) need not come on the same day every week. Further details about this service here.

Welcome on board Gizzy!

Gizzy is the newest member of our canine family. He is a one year old Podenco Andaluz, adopted from Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary in conjunction with SOS Animals UK, & has slotted right into our doggy household. He just loves playing with the younger/more energetic dogs! Here’s a little video of him playing with lurcher Floyd, who comes for day care each Wednesday:

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24 Jan ’12

Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management

Since setting up Let The Dogs Out in June 2009, it has always been my intention to pursue my studies in animal behaviour, an area which I find fascinating. Up until now, although I have read avidly on the subject & attended various dog behaviour seminars & training workshops, time & finances have not allowed me to do anything more formal.

However, at the end of last year I finally got the wheels in motion & am delighted to announce that I have now been accepted to study for the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. This is a distance learning course which, together with practical experience, will prepare me to work in the role as canine behaviour advisor.

My hope is that with time I will be able to add this service to my existing dog walking, day care & home boarding services. Wish me luck!

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29 Nov ’11

All change

Let The Dogs Out has moved to East Lothian! I regret leaving our South Edinburgh clients behind, but am pleased to announce that my partner & I have bought a property in Cockenzie, & are now settled there with our 3 dogs, Molly, Sandy & Dennis. There are beaches & fields a plenty right on our doorstop & ready for your dogs to enjoy!

I am very sad to announce that we lost our old dog Max to cancer earlier this month. If it weren’t for Max’s inspiration I would never have set up Let The Dogs Out in the first place, & he has been a constant companion to all the dogs I have looked after over the years. He will be sorely missed.

However, Molly & her 2 new greyhound companions, Sandy & Dennis (adopted from Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary) are ready to welcome new doggy friends onto their walks & into their home. I am delighted to now be able to offer dog day care & home boarding services in addition to dog walking. Please check my revised rates & also my availability, & please bear with me while I update this website to reflect the changes in my service!

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5 February ’11

Availability update

As reflected in my calendar, I will be unavailable for dog walking on the following dates over the next 6 month period:

  • Mon 23rd – Fri 27th May

  • Fri 3rd June

Dog boarding

I am happy to offer a home boarding service for existing clients’ dogs at a cost of £25 per night. I only ever board one dog (or one family group of dogs) at a time & dogs are cared for as my own. Please ask for further details if you are interested.

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4 September ’10

Availability update

As reflected in my calendar, I will be unavailable for dog walking from 22nd December ’10 to 5th January ’11 inclusive. Many clients will likely be on holiday at this time of year anyway, & I hope this gives those who are not plenty of notice to make alternative arrangements for their dogs if necessary.

I am now operating at almost full capacity on most days & therefore clients who use my service on an occasional rather than a regular basis may find that I don’t always have availability, particularly when requests are made at the last minute. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is for the welfare & safety of all clients’ dogs that I must limit the number walked on any particular day.

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